Kasper Björkqvist Signs With Pittsburgh Penguins!

Kasper Björkqvist Signs With Pittsburgh Penguins!

A few days ago, my good buddy and long-time athlete Kasper Björkqvist signed his first pro contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Photo credit: Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter

Kasper is now in his 5th summer training with me, so if you have watched any of our training videos before you probably have seen him lift some pretty impressive weights.

I feel proud for Kasper signing with one of the best organizations in the NHL - yet, our work is still far from over.

He's physically ready to play in the league (and has been for a couple of years now). Now comes the part where he has to prove he belongs there.

That means we have another hard summer busting ass in the weight room ahead of us to prepare him for the NHL.

P.S. To discover how Kasper built NHL-level strength, size and power during his junior and college years, click here.

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