Great New Ab Exercise

Great New Ab Exercise

The other week, I posted an article detailing three awesome abdominal exercises. One of them was the Valslide push-up with forward reach, which you can see below.

I played around with this exercise for a couple weeks, after which they became too easy for me. So I immediately started looking for ways to make the exercise more demanding.

One option would have been to add a weight vest (which I did), or move on to the gymnastic rings (which I also did).

After three weeks of tweaking things, here’s what I came up with…

I worked up to 10 reps while wearing a 20 kg weight vest. Not easy!

Here are a few reasons why I like this variation:

Much more challenging since the rings can move around freely as I’ve discussed many times

• Can be progressed for quite some time by using a weight vest

Great anti-extension exercise for the core

• Also has an anti-rotation component to it (Stu McGill would so approve this movement)

Totally smokes the abs

A quick visit to Youtube confirmed my suspicions – looks like nobody has thought of this exercise before.

Or at least they haven’t bothered uploading a video of it online. So I’m calling dibs on it. And reserve the right to coin it.

The only thing left now is to come up with a proper name for this exercise. I could call it “ring push-up with alternating forward reach”, but that one’s a bit mundane, don’t you think?

Nobody will ever say: “Dude, hand that ammonia cap over. Gonna make these ring push-ups with alternating forward reach my beeyatch!”

Then again, I could call it the “Barisik Push-Up”, after its famous inventor. Becoming immortal by having your name forever etched in history – like the Eiffel Tower. Or the Fahrenheit Scale. Or the Braille Alphabet.

Hmmm… That’s what I’m talking about…

Though now that I think of it, “alternating ring Superman” sounds pretty damn cool, too. And conjures up images of badassery…

Superman demonstrating excellent form on ring alternating Supermans without the rings

Superman demonstrating excellent form on alternating ring Supermans sans the rings

Yup, I’m going with the latter.

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