Training Tips From the World’s Strongest Man

Training Tips From the World’s Strongest Man

I was reading an interesting ​article about Eddie Hall - 2017 World's Strongest Man and the first person in history to deadlift 500 kg / 1100 pounds.

Check out these training tips from the world's strongest man:

* "Technique is important, but too many people get carried away trying fancy things and don't put enough effort into the basics."

* "Once you've worked up to a really heavy set you've already ripped enough [muscle] fibres to warrant growth so it's time to move onto another exercise."

* "I train all year round without a belt or any supportive gear. That's the best way to build all-round strength, and the only way to hit your stabilising muscles."

* "Probably the number one piece of advice to build muscle is to get your diet and nutrition right. Then don't overtrain and let your body repair."

* Eddie also says he never trains with spotters as he never trains with weights he is not confident he can lift, and that he never fails lifts in the gym.

(If there's one super powerful lesson you'll wanna take away from this email it's that if the strongest man in the world doesn't need to constantly max out to the point of failure in the gym to increase his strength... then you don't have to either!)

* Hall puts a heavy emphasis on his sport-specific conditioning. He pushes the sled or swings a sledge hammer 3x per week in the morning.

He attributes much of his current success to his increased levels of general fitness. That helps him recover more quickly between strongman events and handle higher rep sets in the gym without "gassing". Thus, he's able to get more work done and the increased training volume allows him to gain greater strength.

To sum it all up...

Mastering the basics.

Staying away from failure.

Never overexerting yourself in training.

Alternating between heavy strength work and lighter pump or speed sets.

Smart conditioning that carries over to your sport.

Dialing in your diet.

Taking care of recovery.

Smells awfully lot like what I've been saying for years.

That's because training principles that produce awesome results don't change whether you're training for the World's Strongest Man contest or to improve your performance on the ice. They work for everyone who lifts weights.

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Yunus Barisik

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