Prevent Hockey Hip Injuries With These 3 Movements

Prevent Hockey Hip Injuries With These 3 Movements

Did you know that 9 out of 10 hip injuries in hockey occur when there's no contact with an opponent, and that these types of injuries are steadily on the rise?

It's interesting to note that during the past two seasons that I have worked with 120+ junior, college and pro hockey players, we have had very few non-contact injuries to the groin and abdominal area.

A couple of guys have complained about tightness and/or something not "feeling right" down there only now and then, and these minor incidents can be counted with the fingers of my left hand.

More importantly, man-games lost to these issues are a whopping 0 over the course of two years.

So even if I say so myself, our off-ice training program has been extremely effective in keeping guys healthy and on the ice - in addition to getting them strong.

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Yunus Barisik

Yunus Barisik, CSCS, is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for an elite junior hockey organization based in Espoo, Finland. He has trained hundreds of hockey players at the junior, college and pro levels, including NHL Draft picks and World Champions. An accomplished author, Yunus has had articles published on top fitness and performance sites, including STACK and Muscle & Strength. He also wrote Next Level Hockey Training, a comprehensive resource for ice hockey players on building athletic strength, size and power, while staying injury-free.