Hockey Injuries on the Rise – Doctors Worried

Hockey Injuries on the Rise – Doctors Worried

Unfortunately, this email​'s subject line is true.

The other day, I read a research study reviewing hockey injuries in the NCAA over a 7-year period.

Groin injuries and concussions were the two most frequent injuries, followed by damage to the upper extremity, shoulders and knees.

That’s no joke, chief.

Especially the increased incidence of concussions has got medical professionals worried about the health and longevity of hockey players -- not just as athletes, but as citizens too.

Research has shown that even head trauma that many athletes shrug off as ​"mild impact​" can impair the brain and a more severe case of concussion may become life-threatening.

And apparently, injury rates are steadily rising every year.

Scary, isn​'t it?

If this trend continues, it could be disastrous.

While concussions along with upper extremity, shoulder and knee injuries largely happen due to the high-speed, heavy-collision nature of the game, a big number of common hip and groin injuries occur when there’s little to no contact with an opponent.

And they can largely be avoided via proper off-ice training.

The researchers state that:

​”Groin injuries, however, are directly related to off-ice and off-season conditioning programs. These injuries can be mostly prevented by off-ice programs enacted before the season starts.

Most professional teams now implement some type of program to decrease these injuries.​”

​So, mi amigo…

What are you waiting for?

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