Can Groin Pain Make You a Cripple?

Groin pain is truly gruesome.

I heard of this hockey player who got a slight pull on his groin but, being the stubborn knucklehead he was, didn't want to stop playing. He skated through 3 games with it and the next day it hurt like hell.

That was also the day they were to play the championship game with his team.

So what did this hockey player do? Make a reasonable choice? Nah.

He decided to grit it out like a badass. Slabbed on a load of Icy Hot, went to the championship game.

Suiting up in the locker room, doubt finally began creeping into his head...

Maybe ignoring the injury wasn't such a good idea after all??

Yet he still didn't decide to NOT play.

So he started the game. Took the first face-off of the final while hardly able to skate.

Normally the fastest guy on the ice, he couldn't do shit with his injury.

It took 2 periods (and a bit of a hit in a goalmouth scramble) for him to decide he couldn't play, and tell the coach.

You know where this is going, right?

Waaayyyy too late.

Getting undressed was hell.

He could hardly move his leg. Walking hurt, driving hurt (which he had 3 hours of), EVERYTHING hurt.

Finally, he got home, chugged back a handful of painkillers, crawled under the blankets.

The next morning, he could barely walk, ended up lying in bed all day like a cripple.

The pain was so bad at times he thought he would never play again.

Freaky, isn't it?

Let's face it, that's not a feeling any hockey player who loves the game wants to experience.

The point?

Groin strains are not fun by any means.

And this is why I think every hockey player should take whatever steps to prevent them necessary.

To see my prevention plan, go to:


Yunus Barisik

My Killer New Year’s Plan

2017 was in many ways the best year to date for me.

And I know 2018 will be even better.

With that in mind, here's how I plan to have a killer New Year's Eve:

* Turn on airplane mode on my phone, so nobody can get ahold of me

* Pull out my journal and review what I achieved in 2017

* Write down how I will improve in key areas in 2018

* Read a book

* Then call it an early night well before midnight

While everyone else is up late at night damaging brain cells, I’ll be up expanding and recuperating my brain cells.

After my 9 hours of sack time, I'll wake up refreshed around 8 am, ready to hit the ground running on January 1st.

The rink where our gym is located will be closed, so I will be the sole person getting after it in the weight room.

(just like last New Year)

After that I'll head home, have an early lunch, then work on accomplishing what I wrote down in my journal last night until 7 or 8 pm.

Sound boring?

No doubt... if your definition of "having a good time" at New Year's involves copious amounts of booze and other intoxicants, making it rain in some swanky downtown nightclub with the rest of the fools.

But I know taking care of my physical and mental health is much more important than that.

Doing so will put me far ahead of the masses still nursing a brutal hangover from New Year's Eve already on Day 1 of the year.

And will set the tone for the next 364 days to come.

Wishing you a successful year,

Yunus Barisik

P.S. Come get your action plan for success in 2018 at:

Amputated Duck Rocks 3D Legs

Here's a cool story I wanted to share with ya…

In Wisconsin, a duck named Philip lost both his feet to frostbite.

The woman who adopted the duck considered putting him down. She wasn't sure he could survive on his own with amputated legs.

Luckily for Philip, a nearby middle school teacher had just acquired a 3D printer and wanted to help out by printing him prosthetic feet.

It took six weeks to create the perfect pair of feet for the duck.

They're fashioned from a flexible material called Ninja Flex, and they took about 36 hours to print.

Now Philip rocks a brand-new set of "wheels" and is able to live with other birds and animals in an animal sanctuary north of Milwaukee.

When I first heard about Philip the duck, I immediately thought of my Next Level Hockey Training System (

Right from the get-go, we amputate your old, slow, withered legs.

And replace them with a fresh, strong pair that boosts your performance like nothing else.

You'll go from waddling around on skates to exploding on your first few strides.

All thanks to the heavy lower body training combined with Olympic lift variations you'll be exposed to.


My program is not for everybody.

If you're looking for some magic pill that promises huge gainzzz without putting in SWEAT AND WORK, you'll be heavily disappointed.

So only ​hop on the program if you're serious about developing your athleticism.

If you do, your strength and performance will reach all new heights.

And just like Philip the duck, you'll be rocking a fresh set of wheels to go along with those silky smooth hands of yours just in time for the new hockey season when you go here today:

Yunus Barisik

You Either Get It Or You Don’t

Our pro team had signed a new player just in time before the off-season started.

Having scored the most points by a defenseman in the league the previous season, we had high hopes for him to become the leading D-man on our team.

Around the same time, a new defender joined our U18 team as well.

What did both of these guys have in common?

At 5'10 and around 200 pounds, they were too heavy and soft to play the game at a high level.

So I told both they needed to lose about 20 pounds.

And while they also needed to get a lot stronger, dropping fat is mainly about your diet. So that was the first thing we had to fix.

I devised a nutrition plan that would strip off the flab.

Laid out what, when and how much food to eat.

Broke down their macronutrient goals for each meal.

Had them log everything they ate in a diet journal.

What happened?

The pro player showed up for pre-season training looking and weighing exactly the same - as if none of my advice had registered.

He played in a few subpar games to kick off the season. Soon, he found himself enjoying diminished ice time and, eventually, out of the line-up. Not long after, he drew his own conclusions and left the club.

The 17-year-old, however, lost the double chin and love handles. Dropped over 10 pounds during the off-season. And shed the rest of his excess weight by Christmas.

Not surprisingly, his 3RM power clean improved by 50 pounds that summer. His squat shot up by 60+ pounds. Went from struggling with bodyweight chin-ups to doing them weighted with 90 pounds.

And became the best defender on the U18 team.

Moral of the story?

Two players.

Similar starting points.

Same program.

Two completely different outcomes.

The pro player didn't "get it".

The junior player did.

It's no surprise that over the years, the smartest guys I have trained have almost always gotten to be the biggest, fastest and strongest.

They don't engage in trivial chitchat between sets. They're concerned with beating their previous performance. Not the chick they hooked up with last weekend or what they're gonna have for dinner after today's workout.

They ask my opinion on everything training related.

What they can do to improve their sleep and recovery. Which supplements, if any, they should take. Pay attention when I give them a tip to help their lifting technique.

And then they execute on that advice.

A year from now you could still be spinning your wheels, far from what you could have been capable of.

Or you could ditch the flab, double your strength, dominate in and out of the weight room - just like my 17-year-old did.

You either get it or you don't.

If you do... then go here to get started:

Yunus Barisik

Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

Was the title of the first CD I ever bought as a 13-year-old kid back in 2000.

Having first seen Limp Bizkit and their weird, angry lead singer spouting angry lyrics with his signature red ​Yankees cap turned backways on MTV (remember those days??), I was instantly hooked.

And decided to save up some cashola normally spent on bonbons and hockey cards so I could buy their new CD.

Back in the day, there was no such thing as downloading or listening to music online - unless you did so illegally on Napster.

If you wanted to listen to the latest tracks from your favorite band, you'd have to drag your skinny punk ass to the record store and physically pick up a copy. And if the album was sold out - often the case with freshly released records by popular artists - you were shit outta luck, kiddo. Come back in a week or two.

Forgetting for a moment what a joke of a rapper Fred Durst was, is, and ever will be, the band did indeed produce awesome music that hit home for me as a teenager.

So much so that nearly two decades later I can spit out Durst's rhymes off the top of my head between sets lifting to Limp Bizkit's best tracks on Spotify.

Songs like:

* My Way

* My Generation

* Rollin'

* Break Stuff

* Take a Look Around

* Livin' It Up

* Getcha Groove On (feat. Xzibit)

* Nookie

* Ready to Go (feat. Lil Wayne)

* Hot Dog

* Just Like This

* Creamer

Spin some of those tracks during your next workout.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Yunus Barisik

P.S. I want you to stand up

Put them hands up

And break it on down 'cause you're pumpin' my band up

Like this, just like this:

The #1 Transferable Quality From Weight Room to Playing Field

NFL strength coach Joe Kenn pointed out something about training athletes that hit home for me many moons back.

I wanted to share my expanded thoughts on it with you today.

What do you think is the #1 greatest transferable trait from the weight room to the playing field - for any athlete?

Is it speed?






It's confidence.

Nobody can quantify how big of a carry-over adding 50+ pounds to your front squat in one summer will have on your performance.

Or whether shaving a tenth of a second off your 40-yard dash will translate into you skating faster.

But one thing's for sure...

When you train hard in the gym, putting in all that time, pushing your numbers up, leaving all that sweat on the floor, that's gonna add to your swagger.

You're gonna carry yourself in a different manner than someone who half-asses his lifting.

Any time the puck bounces off the boards and you enter a 50/50 battle against ​an opponent, it should be an indisputable fact in your mind that you'll be the one coming out of the corner with the puck on your stick while the other guy scrapes himself off the ice long before any physical contact takes place.

Strong body equals strong mind.

Martin St. Louis once said that the grueling sled pushes he went through in the off-season prepared him for the game like nothing else because nothing that happens on the ice could​ come close to how much those sled pushes hurt.

Stanley Cup.

Art Ross Trophies.

Olympic gold.

We all know the accolades Marty racked up during his career. As an undersized player, mental grit and toughness played a big part in his success.

It's no coincidence he was known as one of the hardest working, most in-shape guys in hockey.

As much as us strength coaches emphasize the physical part of training, the real value of a strength program lies in how it molds your mind.

You'll develop an unshakeable conviction in yourself that few of your peers will ever possess.

Belief in your own abilities.

Belief that no challenge can hold you down.

Belief that you will succeed, no matter what.

When you go to battle with iron and emerge victorious over and over again...

And when you're in the best physical shape of your life...

How could you NOT have the confidence that you'll be on top of your game on the ice as well?

For a prickly - but perfectly legal - shot of confidence, visit:

Yunus Barisik

This Just In: Big NHL Trade in the Making

I know i​t's Christmas Eve and you probably want to kick back over the holidays (I do too) but I HAVE to tell you about this latest NHL trade rumor I got wind of today…

You ready?

Here​'s the scoop:

I have it on good authority that Santa​'s looking to hang up his hat in exchange for a helmet as his agent​'s orchestrating a blockbuster deal with an NHL team after the holiday trade freeze is over.

Apparently, several teams are interested in the potentially lethal net presence and power forward abilities Santa​ can bring to the table.

I​'m being told the Detroit Red Wings look to be front runners right now.

If they​'re able to sign Santa, he would effectively be called upon to do a lot of the dirty work along the boards, behind the net and in front of the net, in addition to driving goalies nutzo standing just outside of their crease on the powerplay… a role ​left unfulfilled ever since Tomas Holmström last represented Motor City.

The deal may or may not go down soon.

But as we all know, breaking into the Show can be a confusing experience... even for a grizzly old veteran like Mr. Claus.

That​'s why a little preparation can go a long way.

Here​'s my advice to Santa to make the most out of his time in the limelight…

1. Lose the gut

You can​'t show up at an NHL team​'s practice looking like Jabba the Hutt and Benny the Bull had a kid.

So get your blubber butt in the gym and start moving some weights.

And we gotta fix your diet too.

That means no more feasting on Mrs. Claus​' Christmas porridge, fatso.

I​t's all fish, meat, fruits, veggies from now on.

2. Lay off the elves

Let​'s face it.

All those elves are dead weight.

I know you’ve been rollin​' with that posse for years and you homies are tight…

But the entourage​'s gotta go.

Otherwise, that fat signing bonus of yours gets blown on Crystal, eight balls and call girls.

Word up, yo.

3. Trim the beard

Look, the playoffs are still four months away and you​'re already pulling off your best Brent Burns impression.

Leave that for the Big Dance starting in April, will ya?

And if you sign with Edmonton, rest assured growing facial hair will never be on the agenda for you or your teammates.

In fact, my sources in the Oilers locker room tell me this time of the year is great for hunting down those bargain vacations to Cajun as soon as 82 games are in the bag.

Just ask Hall, Nuge or Eberle... those guys did that for years.

4. Upgrade your wheels

No self-respecting NHL playa should ever be seen driving a piece of junk sleigh.

Go with an orange Lambo like Lundqvist. Or buy an entire sports car collection à la Teemu Selänne.

You can even cab it to practice and games like a real hotshot.

Just make sure you don’t share a ride with Patrick Kane.

But if you must, keep a pocketful of change on you. You never know what sort of trouble Kaner could get you into on your way back from the clubs over a fare dispute.

Okay, enough NHL trade talk for today.

For a super effective off-ice training program used by NHL draft picks and pro hockey players, visit:

Yunus Barisik

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