55 Training Questions That Can All Be Answered With “No”

55 Training Questions That Can All Be Answered With “No”

jim carrey_yes manYou know the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey cast in the leading role?

The basic premise of the flick is that a loan officer at a bank (played by Carrey) realizes he’s living a mediocre, mundane life and he better do something to turn his life around before it’s too late.

An old co-worker of his invites him to attend a self-help seminar where Carrey’s character, under crowd pressure, takes a vow to answer “yes” to every request thrown his way for an entire year.

Well, today I’m gonna take a contrary stance.

I will forgo saying “Yes!” to ordering a Middle Eastern bride online, visiting the Museum of Telephones in Lincoln, Nebraska and will even turn down that surprisingly tempting e-mail offering a penis enlargement surgery.

What I will do is reply to every training related question in this post with a resounding “NO!”

Enter the “No Man”…

1. Someone told me I couldn’t possibly benefit from full-body workouts. Is that correct?

2. Will I blow my knees if I do heavy squats for low reps with good form?

3. Do you need to train every day to get results?

4. Does training every day automatically lead to overtraining?

5. Does eating fat make you fat?

6. Should I only do high reps when I’m cutting?

7. Can you get great results by training just 12 minutes per week?

8. Do I need to chug down a post-workout shake withing 30 seconds of ending my training session to maximize my gains?

9. Can women get “too big” by lifting weights?

10. Can anyone get too big by lifting weights?

11. Is 5×5 a magical training routine?

12. My gym numbers are not going up for two weeks. I must have plateaued, correct?

13. Will eating multiple eggs per day clog my arteries and lead to an untimely death?

14. Are fitness magazines your best source for valid training information?

15. Do you have to squat and deadlift to get stronger and build muscle?

16. Is goal setting reserved only for pro level athletes and the genetically gifted?

17. Should you skip the warm-up if you’re in a hurry?

18. Do you need supplements to gain strength and muscle?

19. Do you need supplements to lose fat?

20. Do carbs make you fat?

21. Are single-set training programs as effective as multiple-set protocols?

22. Do you need to lift maximum weights to get maximally strong?

23. Will you ever look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime?

24. Should males ignore directly training their butt?

25. Will training your butt make you look like a fool?

26. Do you need huge amounts of protein to build muscle?

27. Will you ever get anywhere if you’re always jumping from one program to another one?

28. Should you neglect cardio when you’re “bulking up”?

29. Do you have to push yourself to the limit in every training session to see notable results?

30. Are high rep Olympic lifts a great tool for building explosiveness?

31. Does a fitness model physique or a 1500 pound total in powerlifting unquestionably make someone an expert you should listen to?

32. Do you need to eat a meal every 3 hours for optimal body composition?

33. Is intermittent fasting the best nutritional approach for everybody?

34. Are high-rep sets on isolation exercises for shoulders and arms worthless?

35. Can you think of anything more manly than this picture?

36. Are sneakers the best footwear for squatting?

37. Should you train to failure on a constant basis?

38. Does fruit make you fat?

39. Can you gain 40 pounds of rock-solid muscle in 24 weeks?

40. Is Usher a great choice for training music?

41. Should I expect to see all my lifts take a dive when I’m cutting?

42. Is creatine an illegal substance?

43. Should bodybuilders, gymnasts, weightlifters, powerlifters and hockey players all train the same way?

44. Is there any better way to help women build an athletic body with curves than training for strength and hypertrophy?

45. I read somewhere that your body can only handle 30 grams of protein per feeding, the rest will go to waste. Is that really true?

46. Will I wake up looking like Dorian Yates if I follow his training program?

47. Should you never train with low reps in the 1-5 rep range, even if your primary goal was hypertrophy, not strength?

48. Are crunches the best ab exercise known to man?

49. If I’m using straps on heavy rows or pulls, is that considered cheating?

50. Is there anything more awesome than advanced bodyweight movements for building athletic strength?

51. Are machine exercises useless?

52. Training volume is more important than intensity, right?

53. Is the flat barbell bench press the only way to build a bigger chest?

54. Will I lose all my strength if I take a week off from the gym?

55. Do you need to change workouts every few weeks to keep your muscles guessing?

How many other questions you can answer with “No” can you come up with?

Want me to elaborate on some points?

Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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