2-Second Trick to Improve Squat Depth, TOP3 Supplements for Athletes & 4 Exercises for a Bigger Back

2-Second Trick to Improve Squat Depth, TOP3 Supplements for Athletes & 4 Exercises for a Bigger Back

Quoting the famous opening lines uttered by Fred Durst in Limp Bizkit's hit song "Rollin'":

“Alright partner,

Keep on rollin’ baby

You know what time it is”

​Yes, Fred, we do.

It's rapid-fire Q&A time.

DJ Lethal... Bring it on!

QUESTION: I have horrible ankle mobility (practically 0 dorsiflexion in my right ankle) and my physio says this limits my ability to squat down to full depth.

He has given me exercises to mobilize my ankles but it will take some time to see results.

In the meantime, is there any way for me to keep full squats in my program?

ANSWER: Place a thin wedge or weight plate under your heels.

This ​will slightly elevate your heels, ​allowing you to squat deeper​.

QUESTION: Coach, I know you're not a big fan of supplements.

Do you think there are any that can help me get better results in the gym?

If so, what would be your top 3 supplements for athletes?

ANSWER: Yes, 99% of supplements on the market won't do jack shit for your strength or performance.

That said, I do believe the following items can be beneficial if everything else (nutrition, sleep, recovery) is already on point:

* Creatine

* Fish oil

* Multivitamin

QUESTION: I've been doing barbell rows, dumbbell rows and seated cable rows for some time now and feel like I have hit a plateau.

Can you give me some new back exercises?

ANSWER: I have got a few...

* Standing V-handle low cable row

Attach a V-handle to a low cable stack. Row the handle to your belly button while squeezing your shoulder blades together as you would in a seated cable row. Perform 12-15 reps per set.

* Double handle landmine row

Using a landmine setup, wrap two single handles around that end of the bar that holds weight plates.

From here on, same instructions as above apply.

* 45 degree batwing

Lying face down on a bench angled at 45 degrees with dumbbells in both hands, drive your elbows back until shoulder blades are retracted. Pause at the top for one full second.

Don't go super heavy here since you want to feel these in your mid-upper back, not move the biggest dumbbells you can find. Perform 1​2-20 reps per set.

* 1/2 kneeling 1 arm cable row

Setting up in a half-kneeling position on the floor and with the cable stack at chest height, again drive your elbows back so that your thumb touches chest.

(Notice a pattern on all these rowing movements? Squeeze shoulder blades at the top. Damn important for feeling the exercise in your upper back muscles.)

Make sure to keep your shoulders in place throughout the movement.

(That means no shrugging or tilting shoulders forward as many do)

Finish the eccentric part (where you straighten your arm) with your shoulder blade on the working side protracted. This will cause a nice pre-stretch in the lats, thus leading to better lat pumps.

Learn more awesome muscle exercises for building a bigger back by clicking the link below right now:


Yunus Barisik

[FINISHED] 2-second trick to improve squat depth, TOP3 supplements for athletes and 4 exercises for a bigger back

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