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10 Great Classic Rock Songs to Train to

Most public gyms I’ve ever visited resemble Studio 54 more than a weight room when it comes to the music they’ve got blasting through the loudspeakers.

It has been scientifically proven that listening to Usher, Katy Perry or the Jonas Brothers when lifting heavy things decreases testosterone levels by as much as 80%, dropping your strength and power output capabilities down to approximately the level of a carboard cutout of Miley Cyrus.


To counteract the strength-sapping, catabolism-inducing effects of sucky training music, I have provided a daily remedy for treating these severe symptoms in this post.

Side effects may include a newly-found desire to load more weight on the bar, an uncontrollable need for headbanging between sets and a sharp increase in lusty gazes from attractive females wearing tight spandex.

Turn the volume up (I mean UP!) and wear your game face like the nice gentlemen of Metallica above as you go about shattering previous personal records with ease.

#10 Foo Fighters – Best of You

Dave Grohl has got one of the best voices in contemporary rock, and I get chills every time he lets loose at the 2:00 mark in this video.

#9 Sinner – Black

Great vocals, strong guitar riffs, and a babe in sexy stilettos.

What more could a guy ask for?

#8 Skid Row – I Remember You

The softest track on this list but I had to throw it in the mix cuz Sebastian Bach and co. are really kicking ass here. Powerful emotions.

Check out the solo starting at 2:40… Wow!

#7 Pantera – Cowboys from Hell

One hockey team in the Finnish Elite League uses this as their intro song as the players take to the ice prior to a home game.

Not a bad choice!

#6 Motörhead – Killed by Death

Perhaps the manliest rock band of all time, Motörhead not only knows what great rock music sounds like, they also show you how to get hot chicks.

You only need to drive a Harley-Davidson through a wall into her parents’ living room, yank her out of there as you leave the poor folks biting dust while on your way to causing some mo’ ruckus with the boys. Works on any juvenile-delinquent-looking, zebra-pants-wearing hoochie mama!

#5 Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

What would a “Best of” rock playlist be without Metallica?


If this intro doesn’t get you in the mood for lifting heavy shit, please go back to knitting socks for the homeless.

#4 ACDC – Thunderstruck

Brian Johnson in a wife beater yelling “Thunder!!” with the crowd going absolutely nuts towards the end… no wonder I feel a huge jolt every time this song comes on!

#3 Dio – Heaven & Hell

It doesn’t get more classic than Dio.

The solo beginning at 3:17 and the subsequent change of pace really bring this one home for me.

#2 Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do

I’ve really come to appreciate this band over the years and they’re a huge favorite of mine.

Plus, you can’t help but love the sound of Bruce’s voice no matter what song they’re playing.

#1 Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

While GNR have not come up with anything halfway decent in decades, this song will still knock your socks off after all these years.

On a completely different note, I find it hilarious that Axl and the boys have got fluffier hair than all the females. They probably had as many bottles of hair spray backstage as they did have booze when filming this video.

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