ISIS Terrorists Lined Up and Kicked in the Nuts

I was up mindlessly surfing online and came across an article detailing some of the bizarre training practices of ISIS fighters.

Yunus, why on Earth would you be ​checking out some terrorist propaganda video in the middle of the day? Don't ya have betta things to do?

Hey, you know how it is when browsing the 'Net...

One link leads to another link that leads to the next, and so on and so forth, until you land on some obscure website where you can​ find a Russian mail order bride or hire a hitman to take out your mother-in-law, wondering:

"How the hell did I land on this page??"

Anyways, back to the daily grind at an ISIS bootcamp...

Typical workouts on any given day for these terrorists-in-training?

Carrying out target practice, navigating through assault courses and banging out chin-ups.

Standard stuff in the life of a recruit, methinks.

Here's where things get weird, however...

Apparently, ISIS have come up with a popular new way of showcasing their troops' "fighting spirit"...

By lining them up legs apart in front of a camera and kicking them in the genitals.

With full force.

This is done to show the ability of ISIS fighters to endure pain.

Sounds like those wackos have taken the old bodybuilding adage of "no pain, no gain" a bit too literally.

Training is supposed to make you better.

Not hurt you.

The workouts in Next Level Hockey Training 2.0 do the former. You get stronger. You get better. You stay mentally and physically fresh. So your lifts go up while your motivation goes up, too.

A smart training program will make you jacked and feel Gucci. Not batter your body into oblivion.

I guess someone forgot to tell that to these wannabe terrorist numbnuts.

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The Male Body Part That Gets Women’s Juices Flowing

When Cosmopolitan or some other insipid publication talks about sexy male body parts, they'll often debate whether it's a male's chest, arms, shoulders or smoldering eyes (yeah, right) that gets women's juices flowing the most.

Hate to break it to you, dear 50-year-old, unhappily married women writing this drivel at Cosmo HQ...

It's a male's butt that draws long, sultry glances from both single and taken females alike.

And, more specifically...

A round, meaty derriere on a fit, athletic hockey player makes the females swoon.

How do I know this?

Well, let's just say many a woman I've dated has told my caboose was the first thing that caught their eye.

(I'd like to think my charming personality won these girls over... guess not)

There's just something about a well-shaped money maker she can't take her eyes off.

According to conventional training wisdom, squats and deadlifts are hailed as mandatory butt-blasting exercises.

They're great movements, no doubt.

But what if Mother Nature gifted you with a flat pancake ass even the Olsen twins would snigger at?

Squats and deads alone won't get the job done.

Whatcha man to do then?

The key, as with any lagging body part you want to bring up, is to hit it with plenty of volume and frequency while getting stronger.

That means if you want to maximize the size and looks of your buns, you also need movements directly targeting the glutes while causing serious butt pumps.

I'm talking about exercises like:

* 1-leg glute bridges

* back extensions

* hip thrusts

I cover how to do these and plenty of other gluteus assimus developing movements in my Next Level Hockey Training System.

Be forewarned, hermano.

Magnifying your culo may cause a sudden flow of attractive females fondling, grabbing, downright groping your shapely derriere in private and not-so-private settings.

(As has been known to happen to guys who dedicate time to building their badonkadonks)

Sure you want to learn how to build a sexy hockey boo-tay women lust after?


Visit this link and start packing some mo' junk in yo' trunk today:

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“Nobody Listen to Techno!”

For years, I've been wondering how gym owners can allow music that kills your lifting mojo to be played at their training facility.

Pussycat Dolls, Shakira, Usher, Adele...

You know, weak mainstream shit that zaps all your strength.

And which makes your post-workout shake creep right back up your throat.

I thought I had heard it all but then I visited a new gym while out of town where they had techno blasting through the loudspeakers.



Gym owners should pay attention to what Eminem famously said in Without Me:

"Nobody listen to techno!"

Speaking of Eminem, I've been bingeing his stuff on YouTube like a fat, blue-haired feminist binges on a pack of Oreos come yet another dateless Friday night.

Without a sliver of a doubt, Em will go down as one the greatest lyricist rap game has ever seen.

His uncanny talent and ability to create verbal flow shines through in his rhymes.

Best of all, his music blends dope beats with ill lyrics, making it perfect for training to.

Check out this list of Em​inem songs that I use to get psyched up in the gym.

* Till I Collapse

* Not Afraid

* You Don't Know (feat. 50 Cent, Ca$his, Lloyd Banks)

* No Love (feat. Lil Wayne)

* Drop the World (feat. Lil Wayne)

* When the Music Stops (feat. D12)

* Business (Matoma Remix)

* Lose Yourself

* Fight Music (feat. D12)

* What's the Difference (feat. Dr. Dre & Xzibit)

* Cinderella Man

* Patiently Waiting (feat. 50 Cent)

* Welcome to Detroit (feat. Trick Trick)

Now that's legit training music for your ear drums.

For a legit training program guaranteed to crush PR's, go to:

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Take Creatine? You Gotta Read This

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two decades, you're well aware of the benefits of taking creatine.

It's one of the most well researched supplements out there.

And it has been shown to increase gains in strength, power and muscle mass time and time again.

I found an interesting study from 2013 that compared whether or not taking creatine before a workout would produce different results than after a workout.

Scientists at Nova Southeastern University in Florida rounded up 19 male recreational bodybuilders and split them into two groups.

Both groups did the same workout 5 days a week for 4 weeks for a total of 20 training sessions. Each training session lasted approximately 60 minutes.

One group took 5 grams of creatine before their workout and one group took 5 grams of creatine after their workout. On off-training days, lifters consumed creatine at their convenience.

Here's what happened after 4 weeks:

Participants in the after-workout creatine group gained TWICE as much lean body mass as the pre-workout creatine group. The after-workout group also lost about 2 pounds more fat than the pre-workout group, in addition to being able to bench press a few more pounds than the pre-workout group.

Interesting results, don't ya think?

​If your goal is to improve body composition (and whose isn't?), consuming creatine post exercise may be superior to consuming it prior to exercise.

Having always been a non-responder to creatine, I never got anything out of it.

However, after reading this study, I'm gonna experiment with taking 5 grams after workouts to see if that will make any difference.

If you're ​using or thinking about using creatine, I suggest you do the same.

Of course, you can't just take a supplement, mindlessly pump some iron, and expect to become superhuman.

How you ​​train plays a huge role in getting results.​

Creatine works best combined with a training program specifically geared for strength and muscle gains.

Like this one:

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Fake Messenger Flees With $58,000 Worth of iPhones from Apple Store

True story:

A man who passed himself off as a messenger stole $58,000 worth of iPhones from an Apple Store in NYC.

His modus operandi?

Walking into a store in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood in the middle of a normal Thursday, telling an Apple employee he was a messenger there for a pick-up.

The employee swallowed this ​phony claim hook, line and sinker. Gave the man three boxes with approximately $58,000 worth of iPhone 7s before he fled the location in a white Ford van with unknown license plates.

Should this Apple employee look up the word "sucker" in the dictionary, he'd find his wide-eyed mug staring back.

But let's not get too hard on him.

After all, lots of wide-eyed chumps among athletes and gym-goers, too.

You know the type.

Guys who spend hundreds of bucks a month on bogus mass gainers or weight loss pills.

Or follow asinine, "pro bodybuilder approved" body part splits they read in a silly fitness magazine.

Or grind their joints into dust because some "hardcore trainer" on the Internet claimed how nothing but big barbell lifts are required to get jacked.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Hit me up in a year.

We'll see what all that pill popping, program hopping, heavy whopping has done to your body.

Or you could take the smart road today...

By following the workouts in my Next Level Hockey Training System like hundreds of other hockey players do.

And boy, will you get your greedy lil' hands on some goodies when you do so...

The Premium package alone comes with $747 worth of highly valuable bonuses - for free.

You could buy a brand new iPhone with that munney.

Without taking a gullible Apple Store employee for a ride.

Or fleeing the scene in a white Ford van rocking fake plates.

So turn that van around right now, put pedal to the metal and claim your training program (including $747 worth of bonuses) at:

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Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Have Been an 80’s NHL Star

I was watching Arnold's 1987 hit movie The Running Man last night.

Set in a dystopian United States between 2017 and 2019, Schwarzenegger plays Ben Richards, wrongly convicted police helicopter pilot who enters a TV game show called "The Running Man".

It's where convicted criminal "runners" must escape death at the hands of "stalkers" - armed, professional killers - for a chance to be pardoned by the state.

One of my favorite scenes takes place when Arnie goes up against the show's first villain called Subzero.

Subzero takes to the arena in full hockey equipment - goalie pads, mask, and a bladed hockey stick which he uses to "slice his enemies limb from limb into quivering, bloody sushi".

Kinda like Ron Hextall did to opposing forwards who dared to step inside his crease.

After a pretty cheesy fight where nobody gets hurt (hey it's an 80's movie, what else could you expect?), Arnold pulls down some barbed wire and clotheslines Subzero on it.

Everyone in the crowd is super stunned.

This marks the first time a stalker has ever died on the show.

Then Arnold delivers one of his famous one-liners:

“Here is Subzero… Now PLAIN zero!”

​Instant classic.

Anyways, me gots to thinking...

Arnie would have made a heckuva hockey player back in the 80's.



Never backs down from a fight.

Can knock people out with a single punch.

(As we have witnessed countless times in his movies)

His playing style would have suited the Broad Street Bullies perfectly.

Imagine Arnold on a line with Flyers Captain Bobby Clarke and playoffs goal-scoring record holder Reggie Leach.

With the likes of four-time 50-goal scorer Tim Kerr, '87 Canada Cup Champion Brian Propp, Vezina Trophy winner Pelle Lindbergh, Ken Linseman, Bill Barber, Darryl "6+4" Sittler, and Mark "Gordie's son" Howe providing back up...

Talk about a roster brimming with offensive depth.

Who knows, maybe the Flyers could have won a Cup or two with Arnold completing their line-up instead of going down in the Finals like they did in 1980, 1985 and 1987.

Awright, enough speculating for today.

To learn how NHL draft picks and pro hockey players get bigger and stronger, visit:

Yunus Barisik

Idiots Jumping on the Plyo Bandwagon

Someone showed me an Instagram video that made my eyes roll the other day.

A guy was doing box jumps at hip height with a 135-pound barbell on his back.


In a way, yes.


Hell no.


Risk-to-reward ratio severely disproportionate.

I happen to know of this guy. Used to be an international competitive speed skater. So of course he's gonna make such a feat look easy.

If I had any of my junior or pro athletes replicate this exercise in stupidity, you know what would happen?

I'd get sued.

Someone would botch the landing, crashing onto the box, stapled by the bar and break their face or neck.

Too bad nobody calls out such idiotic behavior until someone gets crippled doing it.

Instead, thousands of ​nitwits on Instagram press the "like" button while commenting how "cool" and "athletic" the guy, one slight misstep away from a catastrophic injury, jumping on a box with a heavy bar on his back looks.

Next thing you know, these mindless followers attempt his "plyometric" workout at the gym, oblivious to how they're voluntarily subjecting themselves to severe bodily damage.

This is just one example of our current rampant obsession with "sports performance" training on social media where the appearance of fitness and performance trumps common sense - and potentially devastating consequences.

One messed up landing and you're done. Nobody can catch you when you fall on your back and hit your head against the box, bar or floor.

If you're lucky, you'll get up on your own, dust yourself off, chuckle out loud how you're still intact and that's that.

But maybe fortune won't be on your side next time...

What if you bang your head against the floor so loud it sounds like a gun went off?

Wake up in a hospital next week?

With a doctor standing next to your bed?

Delivering the news you'll never walk again?

What would your life be like after that?

Knowing you won't run, lift, skate, jump ever again?

Bound to a wheelchair?

Relying on someone else to do your laundry, grocery shopping, returning an overdue library book for you?

What kind of pain and grief would your girlfriend, wife, parents, kids have to endure living like that?

Could you bear to look in the mirror in the morning?

Staring into the bleak eyes of a physically, emotionally shriveled man?

Haunted by your regrets keeping you up at night?

Wishing you could go back in time to that one moment where everything changed?

Would you decide to stop the stupidity knowing what you know now?

Just something to think about...

For idiot-free performance training methods, visit:

Yunus Barisik

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