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The Crossfitter Who Got Paralyzed Snatching

The following is a true story:

Couple years back, a Crossfitter got paralyzed from the waist down in competition.


Performing a snatch, the lifter missed the catch. The bar fell over his head, bounced off the platform behind him, and struck him in the back.

This devastating injury severed his spine, leaving him unable to move his legs.

My heart goes out to the guy.

I can't believe what he must have gone through.

As this freak accidents shows, yes, lifting weights involves a certain amount of risk.

I also need to point out something about how the injury occurred that may not be obvious at first glance.

You see, piles of weight plates were stacked up right behind the lifting platform. And while it's impossible to say with 100% accuracy, it's possible the bar hit those plates, then rebounded back into the Crossfitter, contributing to the injury.

Whether or not the barbell bounced off the plates or off the platform is beside the point here. There's an important lesson here to be learned that every lifter should take to heart.

Always make sure your surroundings are clear when lifting weights. Push any piece of training equipment out of the way.

No bars, no plates, no boxes, nothing that could hurt you should you miss a lift awkwardly anywhere near you.

Do that and your risk of catastrophic injury plummets like the stock market in 1929.

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Yunus Barisik

American Kids, Dumber Than Dirt

The next generation might just be the biggest pile of idiots in US history.

At least, if we're to believe what a San Francisco high school teacher reported in an article I read the other day.

For one, he laments the vast decline in overall intellectual acumen among students over the years.

The astonishing spread of lazy slackerhood.

The excess smart phone and TV exposure.

Kids these days are overprotected. Wussified. Don't spend enough time outdoors. Don't get any real exercise.

Stuff down Taco Bell Double-Supremo Burritos while scrolling their brains into mush on their cell phone screens.

Of the estimated 6,000 high school students the SF teacher has taught in his career, only a small fraction now make it to his grade with a functioning understanding of written English.

Don't know how to form a sentence.

Can't write an intelligible paragraph.

Recently, after giving an assignment that required drawing lines, he realized that not a single student actually knew how to use a ruler.

American kids, dumber than dirt? Sure sounds like it...

Fortunately though, there's a cure for being a moron - whether you're young or old.

I call it The University on Wheels.

Here's how it works:

Instead of playing Angry Birds on your iPhone to pass the time whenever you're traveling somewhere by car, bus or subway, you will use that time to improve thyself.

I used to religiously read training books, listen to podcasts, watch seminars ever since I got introduced to this idea back in 2009 or 2010 (can't remember which).

That's how I was able to average 50 books per year by guys like Boyle, Poliquin, Zatsiorsky or Francis, most of which I finished while commuting to work or school. And obtained an education in sports performance training no college could ever match.

I also did the same thing when I went into sales before jumping into training athletes full-time.

I read dozens of books by world-class sales trainers, listened to their audio interviews, viewed their seminar recordings on YouTube.

Putting their information and advice into practice, I rose from newbie to highest grossing salesman in my second full month at my new sales job. There were months when I was the company's #1 salesman in the entire country.

Anyone could have replicated what I did. But they chose not to. They were too busy making excuses for their lack of sales performance or simply didn't care enough to make a change.

The point in all this?

Don't rely on the educational system to provide you with an education.

They'll give a shiny diploma when you graduate, alright.

(A piece of paper that comes with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt)

But that doesn't mean you're equipped to succeed in the REAL WORLD.


Get. Your. Learn. Awwwwn.

Whether you want to learn how to play the guitar, speak Japanese, code websites, shoot movies, build a business -- you can do all that at a very low cost from the comfort of your own home, car, or when using public transportation, all thanks to the Internet.

So much fantastic information out there for a few bucks it's astonishing. It truly is the greatest time to be alive in human history.

And if you're too lazy to take advantage of the countless opportunities available around you 24/7 via a $20/month Internet connection, YOU are dumber than dirt.

So pause Candy Crush.

Log out of Facebook.

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Yunus Barisik

Quick Groin Strain Cure

While back, our Norway U20 National Team goalie came to me complaining about his groin strain.

As goalies often do, he had pulled his groin trying to stop the puck sliding side to side in an overstretched position during practice.

And now that damn thing hurt like hell.

The athlete also told me he was going to camp for the World Championships next week, so this issue had popped up at a very unfortunate time for him.

First, I needed to determine whether we were dealing with a hip flexor or adductor injury.

(I assumed adductor but you never know because some guys have trouble pinpointing or describing the location of their injury)

So I had the athlete perform a single rep of Valslide hip adductions (which you can find on page 48 of ​Bulletproof Hockey Hips). He winced hard on the eccentric and I knew it was indeed his adductor bothering him.

Now, the typical recommendation would be to stretch the affected area immediately after pulling a muscle.

But that will only make things worse.

Instead, you want to mobilize and strengthen it with movements that don't add to the pain.

I had the athlete perform a modified version of the 90 degree adductor mobilization drill (page 28 in Bulletproof Hockey Hips). Because the full mobilization drill would have been too intense for him, we scaled it back to an isometric hold for time. Somewhat uncomfortable but not too painful.

Then, I showed him a very low-intensity adductor strengthening exercise, making sure never to exceed his current painless range of motion.

This was a heavily regressed version of perhaps the most effective movement for strengthening your adductors ever invented which I talk about on page 46 of Bulletproof Hockey Hips.

He'd superset these two movements for four sets each - 15 reps per set on the strengthening drill and 30 seconds on the isometric hold.

Finally, I told the goalie to foam roll the pulled groin area before sending him home.

Next day, I asked how his groin was feeling.

"Much better", came the happy response.

He was back on the ice that afternoon, played in a game a few days later, and traveled to National Team camp as scheduled.

That got me thinking:

Originally, I created Bulletproof Hockey Hips as a hip injury prevention tool.

Using the routines you can find inside is one of the reasons my hockey players experience very few groin injuries - especially compared to other teams.

On the rare occasion one crops up (no off-ice program can prevent them 100%), they hardly ever miss a game.

So clearly, the methods and exercises I reveal in Bulletproof Hockey Hips can be used to rehab such injuries quickly.

For the #1 hockey hip injury prevention and treatment system that works like gangbusters, sprint your way over to:

Yunus Barisik

When a Pervy Movie Producer Opens the Door Wearing Nothing But a Bathrobe, Don’t Hop on His Casting Couch

Lotza clackin' all over the news about the Harvey Weinstein secks scandal of 2017.

So I figured I'd throw my $.02 in.

What I'm about to say will piss some people off.

Good. Never been one for political correctness.

Plus, it's always amusing to watch peeps take offense on matters that don't concern them personally in the least.

So let's get going...

First, I gotta ask these women who cry wolf over Weinstein's conduct years (even 20+ years) later...

What do you expect will happen when you go to some guy's hotel room for "an interview" or to "hang out" at 2 am?

Especially with someone who has a reputation leveraging his industry power for sexual satisfaction (consensual or otherwise)?

The same guy known for trading money/fame for sex in his "casting sessions" where he greets women in his bathrobe...

And when it's common knowledge it's not who you know but who you blow - for both men and women - in Hollyweird...

You expect a heartfelt discussion about world peace walking into his room?

Now, if Weinstein (or any man) forces himself on a woman, that's different. A crime for which he should be locked away for a long time.

But if a woman goes to a man's room, and consents, and later has buyer's remorse...

That is not a crime.

That's just recognition that she probably made a mistake, now regrets it.

It only takes common sense to avoid getting involved in complicated situations that could put your health or life at risk. Too bad common sense is in short supply these days...

You don't walk through Compton alone on a Friday night all decked out in jewelry and Rolex.

That's asking for trouble. If you're that dumb or gullible to begin with, you deserve what's coming to you.

How does that differ from going to hotel rooms, meeting with a known perv in a bathrobe at night?

Only difference is that in the former case, getting mugged in the slum flashing your wealth draws zero headlines. And even less sympathy from the public.

Whereas the latter involves playing victim on social media, complaining with that #metoo bullshyte, milking every last drop of sympathy you can.

Second, any of these women could have decided to become a teacher, doctor, scientist, or any other profession that contributes to society.

Instead, they chose to pursue acting.

And for some, their desire to become a star overrode their gut instinct to run away from Weinstein.

Weinstein leveraged his power to get sex and these women leveraged their sex appeal to advance their careers. It was a business transaction. One that has been happening since before recorded history.

So let's not pretend how awful it was to spread for Weinstein or some other fat, unattractive producer. There are many women for whom it was a momentary unpleasantness on the way to a pot of gold.

Contrast that with the women who ​turned down Weinstein's advances, ​were not offered a role in his movies, never ​got ​a chance to appear on the big screen.

You don't put out to get ahead in Hollywood, become a rich and famous woman, then get to be a victim.

Bottom line:

These women knew what they were doing and benefited from it.

They used the "casting couch" culture of Hollyweird to advance their career.

And were rewarded with money and fame.

Awright, enough of that. Moving on to more important matters:

Next Level Hockey Training 2.0 may well be the best decision you ever make for advancing your hockey career.

Fear ye not, the program involves no suspect 2 am meetings in my hotel room where I greet you wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

There will be no playing #metoo victim afterwards on social media.

(Other than, perhaps, #metoogotstrongandjacked)

And to alleviate any and all buyer's remorse?

Why, it comes with my ironclad 365-day unconditional, 100% money back guarantee...

If you don't improve your strength, power and performance on the program, then you don't pay for it.

That means I take all the risk, not you.

Come join me on my casting couch at:

Yunus Barisik

Freakish Ex-Soldier’s Bazooka Arms About to Fall Off

How far would you go to gain fame, recognition and notoriety on social media?

Chasing Instagram glory, a 21-year-old Russian ex-soldier may well have pulled off a stunt that will be hard to top in complete, utter stupidity.

In his effort to get 1,000,000+ Instagram subscribers and to stop working regular jobs, this ​dood came up with the brilliant idea of injecting six liters of homemade muscle-bulking brew (containing olive oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol) into his arms.

​Over the course of a month, he went from a ​regular guy to rocking Popeye-style gunz measuring 23 inches​.

Which don't even look aesthetic. They just look like two oily lumps sticking out of his arms, completely out of whack compared to the rest of his body.

To make matters worse, they've now become infected, showing a red and purple discoloring.

Doctors estimate the former soldier very likely faces amputation in the near future. So those bazooka arms are about to fall off soon.

Sounds like tickets to the gun show will not be available for very long...

But social media is a great advance, isn't it?

It provides an easily accessible avenue to cretins vying for a chance to bask in the spotlight.

And with these freak shows lining up to seize public attention like an endless supply of Lemmings stepping off a cliff, they unwittingly provide entertainment for the rest of us...

So getcha popcorn ready!

In the meantime, come have a look at my Next Level Hockey Training System.

No, you won't build 23-inch arms on it.

We'll leave the pursuit of that to idiots willing to sacrifice their limbs in exchange for their 15 minutes of Instagram fame.

But following the 60 weeks of done-for-you training programs inside, you'll add strength and muscle all over your frame - legs, back, glutes, chest, shoulders...

... And yes, your arms as well. Without worrying about them falling off.

​So tie a tourniquet around your arm to make​ your veins pop, pick up a syringe, then ​inject yourself with my homemade strength-building potion up for grabs at:

Yunus Barisik

Who Comes Up With This Stuff??

A new player had just joined our U18 team.

During his first gym session with the rest of the guys, I quickly realized he wasn't halfway as bad as I expected.

You see, when we get a new player from another club, 9.5 times out of 10 they're weak and don't know how to lift.

This 17-year-old had some potential, though.

He could squat with pretty good form.

And perform chins over a full of range of motion with extra weight - something many kids at that age can't do.

The only thing off was his power clean technique. ​All pulling with his arms, zero power generated by the lower body.

I put him through a few drills with an empty bar and he soon got the hang of it.

As usual with a ​recent addition to our roster, I asked him about his prior lifting experience between sets.

How many years he has been training, what types of exercises he usually does, whether he has got any injuries or health issues I need to know about, his rep maxes on main exercises, etc. to get a better understanding of his background.

Turns out this player had never done anything below 8 reps on the big barbell lifts. Not fives, not triples, not singles.

The only exercise he had ever attempted a 1RM on?

Bench press.

(What else would you expect from a teenager?)

After questioning the athlete why he had never ventured into lower rep training, he replied:

"My coaches always told me I shouldn't do maximal strength."


We've got a competitive athlete with decent lifting form, testosterone levels at their zenith, no injuries, only a few months removed from his 18th birthday...

And you're saying he should stick with 8 reps per set and above??

Who comes up with this nonsense?!

I have thought about why a "coach" would forbid heavy lifting many times over the years...

And the only reason I can think of is they fear their athlete will get injured.

Which is nothing more than a reflection of their poor coaching skills.

If you have physically and mentally prepared your athletes the right way from the ground up, they will NOT buckle under heavy weights and limp away with an injury.

In all my years of training people and athletes, I have NEVER seen anyone blow their knee or back on a max effort power clean, squat or deadlift attempt.

Max strength training - when done correctly - is very safe.

And highly beneficial for improving force production, skating speed, and protecting against injuries on the ice.

I explain how to improve your maximal strength without injuries at the link below:

Yunus Barisik

How Not to Lose Muscle Mass and Skating Speed During Hockey Season

A typical issue hockey players face during hockey season:

Losing weight.

Specifically, losing muscle mass.

It's not uncommon to see guys who finished the off-season weighing 185 pounds drop down to 175-180 (or below) in-season.

Or, if they stay at 185, it won't be a lean 185. They'll get softer.

In any case, the result remains the same:

Decreased muscle mass.

Higher body fat percentage.

Next thing you know, your strength plummets because you're carrying less muscle.

And, since strength​ builds the basis for speed and power, so does your skating.

Why does this happen?

For one, I often see players using light weights for fear of lifting heavy interfering with on-ice practice and games.

Someone who was power cleaning 220 pounds in the summer now puts 135 on the bar to "stay fresh".

A 300-pound front squatter won't go above two wheels because he wants to "remain explosive".

BIG mistake.

Low-intensity training (defined as a % of your 1RM) combined with a low lifting volume (which in-season training is by default)...

That's perfect for making lean mass disappear faster than a chocolate chip cookie at a Weight Watchers meeting.

The complete opposite of what you want to happen with an athlete who wants to play his best hockey 7+ months after off-season comes to an end.

So how do you retain muscle heading into the final stretch of the regular season?

How do you make sure you'll be in top shape for playoff hockey?

And not a weaker, slower version of yourself when the title is on the line?

The in-season lifting programs in Next Level Hockey Training 2.0 show you exactly how.

Many of my junior players actually ADD lean muscle during hockey season on it.

Not to mention the lifting PR's flowing like female juices at a Backstreet Boys concert when following the workouts inside.

It's waiting for your pudgy fingers at:

Yunus Barisik

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