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PBOOK002_white_cutoutNext Level Strength Training: Effective Real-World Strategies for Athletic Strength, Power & Muscle Development is a guide for guys who take strength training seriously and expect more than mediocre results in the gym.

If you TRULY want to discover the fastest and simplest way to gain strength, achieve better performance and finally have the lean, athletic body you’ve always wanted, you can’t afford to skip the information you’ll find inside the book.

While writing Next Level Strength Training, I spent 8 months reading and analyzing several hundred research papers, books and other publications on strength training, combining theoretical aspects with training advice from some of the best strength and conditioning coaches on the planet, including such names as Eric Cressey, Martin Rooney and Jason Ferruggia.

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Below you can find the table of contents from the book. Chapters 4 and 7 are available for instant download off the site as preview chapters. Click the corresponding hyperlink and you’re good to go.

Introduction …5

Part I: Pulling the Curtain Back
Chapter 1: Why This Book Was Written and How to Get the Most Out of It …9

Chapter 2: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies …21
Chapter 3: Somebody Put Something In My Protein Shake …29
Chapter 4: Reality Check, Please …36
Chapter 5: Going Back to the Roots of Physical Culture …41

Part II: The Answers Become Clear
Chapter 6: Choosing Fact Over Fiction …49

Chapter 7: Progressive Overloading – The Most Overlooked Factor In Strength Training …60
Chapter 8: How Often Should I Train? …68
Chapter 9: Which Exercises Should I Be Doing? …76
Chapter 10: How Many Sets? …81
Chapter 11: How Many Reps? …87
Chapter 12: What About Rest Periods? …96
Chapter 13: To Fail or Not to Fail? That Is the Question …99

Part III: The Training Programs
Phase 1 …110

Phase 2 …119
Phase 3 …123
Phase 4 …130

Recommended Literature …134

Recommended Training Equipment …135
The Last Word …137
References …138

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it. If you find the information in it useful, feel free to let your friends benefit from it too, by directing them to this download page.

Thank you,

Yunus Barisik

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