5 Deadlift Variations for Replacing the Conventional Deadlift

Many athletes (and non-athletes) struggle with the conventional deadlift.

They don't know how to stay tight.

They can't maintain a neutral spine.

And they often don't realize how bad their lifting form gets under heavy, and sometimes not-so-heavy, loads.

Here's the kicker, though..

Unless you're a powerlifter or Olympic lifter, you don't HAVE TO pull from the floor with a straight bar.

There are other alternatives for getting bigger and stronger that pose less of an injury risk - like the sumo deadlift off pins in a power rack.

I talk about five great deadlift alternatives in my new article on STACK.com. Check it out here:

Struggling With Deadlifts? Try These Alternative Exercises

Garage Gym Equipment Guide – Build a Kick-Ass Strength Gym on a Budget

A lot of people view having their own training facility as a dream come true scenario.

For a long time, that was my goal as well.

In my role as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the junior hockey organization I work for, I've gotten a taste of that as I've been involved in outfitting our weight room with plenty of training equipment over the past year.

We wanted to build a bare-bones strength gym without the typical fluff you see at 98% of public gyms these days.

I'm talking about all the cool stuff like...

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Lift Bigger Weights Faster With These 3 Hang Power Clean Drills

The power clean performed from the hang position above the knees is a staple Olympic lift variation in our hockey strength programs.

In my new article on STACK, I break down common hang power clean mistakes and how to perfect your technique, so you can lift bigger weights faster.

Get the full scoop here:

3 Drills to Fix Your Hang Power Clean

A Better Way to Hamstring Curl

Traditional machine leg curls are a waste of time for athletes.

I prefer Valslide or slideboard leg curls over a lying or seated leg curl machine for building the hamstrings any day.

Read more about the Valslide leg curl - including progressions and regressions - in my new article on STACK:

This Leg Curl Variation Will Give You Stronger, Injury-Proof Hamstrings

Prevent Hockey Hip Injuries With These 3 Movements

Did you know that 9 out of 10 hip injuries in hockey occur when there's no contact with an opponent, and that these types of injuries are steadily on the rise?

It's interesting to note that during the past two seasons that I have worked with 120+ junior, college and pro hockey players, we have had very few non-contact injuries to the groin and abdominal area.

A couple of guys have complained about tightness and/or something not "feeling right" down there only now and then, and these minor incidents can be counted with the fingers of my left hand.

More importantly, man-games lost to these issues are a whopping 0 over the course of two years.

So even if I say so myself, our off-ice training program has been extremely effective in keeping guys healthy and on the ice - in addition to getting them strong.

Read more about how to minimize the risk of non-contact hip injuries in my new article on STACK: ​

3 Off-Ice Exercises to Prevent Hockey Hip Injuries

Advanced Core Exercises for Freaky Strong Abs

My new article on building impressive core strength via advanced resistance band exercises was published on STACK.com.

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4 Resistance Band Core Exercises for Rock-Solid Abs

New Article on Developing Unstoppable Strength and Athleticism at Muscle & Strength.com

I’m breaking new ground on the writing front!

Muscle & Strength just published my article (my first on their site) detailing 6 great tips on building strength and athleticism for team sport athletes.

Read it here:

6 Training and Athleticism Tips for Athletes

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